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You want to envision an idea for your brand that will be remembered...You want to give your customers an experience that is sensually pleasing and exquisitely rendered...Gravity Entertainment is your dynamic, full-service, experiential partner. At Gravity, we craft ideas, hone the nuances and create experiences that will leave your audience ignited.

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Motor Sports

From the Himalayas to the Desert, you can count on us to be a part of the action at the toughest motorsport events in the country. So when it comes to ensuring that your brand gets adequately covered at -30 degrees at some remote pass high up in Ladakh or on the dunes of Rajasthan, trust our specialised motorsports production team to put it all together for you.

Product Launches

So, you have got a sensational new product for your market. Now, allow us to provide your audience with an equally sensational launch experience. Whether it is a big, bold and loud product reveal for the masses or a demonstration for a very discreet audience, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the product and the brand story gets told in the most impactful manner, bringing your product to life.

Activations & Promotions

A fully-branded event atmosphere on your mind? Trust our experiential marketing specialists to strategize, plan & design to deliver a stunner, complete with interactive elements, and creative environmental design that evoke emotion, foster participation and encourage brand association. Bold and cutting edge, our compelling designs create the perfect multi-sensory experience.


When it comes to conferences, we leave nothing to chance. We function as an extension of your team and step into your shoes to deliver every inch as intended, making an indelible impression whilst ensuring seamless flow of activities. From exclusive C-Level business conferences to buzz-worthy meets, we carry it out all with precision.


As a company, we are a squad of storytellers and ensure that the content for every event is thoughtfully curated and produced to forge a lifelong relationship with the audience. Our rich history in content production combined with the latest on the technological frontiers helps us deliver the sounds and the sights to spark interactions.


Gravity is a full-service exhibit management company with overseas expertise. Local research, a bevy of ideas and seamless executions is what defines our stall design and fabrication services. Our team of exhibit strategists leverages our resourcing solutions to deliver to clients a fully-managed, flavorful on-site exhibit experience.


With Gravity by your side, trust us to envision and manage a one-of-a-kind travel and networking event for your invitees. Our geographical reach and resourcing expertise helps us deliver the highest form of service. From planning and strategizing to venue selection, F & B curation, logistics, concierge and hospitality services – we have you covered.

HNI Engagements

For experiences beyond the ordinary, trust our squad of HNI event strategists to delve into the nuances of your requirements and build your story as a live, breathing experience etched with pomp and show. Clear insights, creative execution, glitz and glamour, and breakthrough implementations – that’s Gravity Entertainment at work for you.

Employee Engagement

Keeping your workforce inspired can be one helluva task. Engaged employees are more productive and which is just why we step in with our niche employee engagement portfolio. We take the hassle out of planning and rolling out employee engagement events to help you focus on what really matters the most – inspiring behavior change.

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